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Along the highways of our lives there dwell secret places of refuge. It is for us to find them, explore them, and to discover the untold wonder awaiting us.

It is in the present day, among us and around us; the mystery of awe and the glory of love.  When we see someone touched by it, we, too, are illumined.

The mission of this parish has been summed up in the words of Jesus when he said,   “We are to love the Lord, our God, with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind, and with all our strength; and our neighbor as ourselves.”

Above all, let us trust in the slow work of God. We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. We would skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the way to something unknown, something new. And yet it is the law of all progress that it is made by passing through some stages of instability—and that it may take a very long time.
And so I think it is with us. Our ideas mature gradually—let them grow. Let them shape themselves without undue haste. Let us try not to force them on, as though we could be today what time (that is to say, grace and circumstances acting on our own good will) will make tomorrow.
Only God could say what this new spirit gradually forming within us will be. Give our Lord the benefit of believing that his hand is leading us, and accept the anxiety of feeling ourselves in suspense and incomplete.
                                                                                         —Pierre Teihard de Chardin

“You to whom all hearts are open, all secrets known, hear our prayers.
The proper prelude to all things are prayer, for it is through prayer that we practice the Presence of God in our lives.
Whatever your concern may be, place it in the hands of the Devine through prayer. For prayer nourishes with love the good desires of the heart; it quiets the troubled spirit and summons to our cause the highest good for all concerned. Each time our actions are blessed by prayer, we invite the Devine to share in our dedication and give us joy.
               With nothing in our hands to which we cling, with listening minds and lifted hearts, we pray.
               This prayer is always a timely reminder. Pray when you feel uncertain, fearful or alone. Pray for the well-being of those you love. Pray for your leaders, your country and for the survival of Mother Earth.
               We ask that prayer be second nature to us now, deeper than a habit, the very heartbriar of our lives.
              We pray for healing. For the healing of childhood wounds and the addictions they engendered. We ask for the healing of our bodies, our minds and our hearts. For the righting of injustices, and the mending of damaged lives.
               From deep within our hearts, we pray for the permanent cessation of violence and an end to all abuse. We pray for love and light to come and seal the door where evil dwells.
               Above all, we pray for the precious care of our souls.
              With our every prayer, let us ceaselessly and tirelessly pray for the lives of our children.
               Among the sweetest of all are prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving. From all cultures, all peoples, all directions, we come bringing our prayers of homage and devotion.
               We pray, and our prayers turn to praise upon our lips.
               No matter what is happening in your life, this is saying, take time to offer up your prayers. And know this, as surely as you know anything: Even when you are not speaking to God in prayer, God hears. Your every breath is a prayer.
               Practice the Presence of God in  all ways, both in your coming in and your going out.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Healing Runes    


The Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist    200 Main St., Thomaston, Maine  04861

stjohnsinthomaston@gmail.com    (207) 354-8734       Sunday Services are at 8 am and 10 am

Office Hours:  Tuesday through Friday 8:30 am - 12 noon 

We will always (with rare exceptions) have services on Sunday mornings. 

In case of inclemet weather we ask everyone to use great caution and safety as a guide.  It is all right to stay home if it is bad weather.

God is with us, do we have the courage to look, to be thankful and to enter into the vastness of such a love?

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