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Foundational Thoughts

     by the Rev. Peter Jenks

   Years ago during a sabbatical I found myself in a yurt in the woods with time to reflect and be still. Every day I would go out an explore, cut paths, make a bench to sit upon or some such activity before sitting down to write my reflections for the day.  I quickly discovered that whatever I was doing directly related to the inner activity in my mind and heart.  Once I discovered this I then tried to do something other than what I was writing about.  I couldn’t do it. Even when I deliberately chose a different activity from what I had been writing my reflections changed as well. When I cut new paths, I found myself exploring new thoughts and idea of faith, when I was weeding old paths I was renewing old truths and understandings, and the list kept growing.  It became evident to me that what is within us comes out of us in our actions and words, and likewise what is going on in our lives becomes a part of our inner journey.  There are deep relationships between all things.

We have done an assessment of needs that have to be addressed here in the building of St. John’s. Of these things we will be fixing water problems around the foundation, bringing things up to code, renewing the kitchen, resurfacing the floor, and bolstering the support to the handicap ramp.  This then tells me that as a parish and perhaps individually, that it is a time to look to the foundations of our life, where are places where the outside world is seeping in to undermine our well being; what are we doing that might be cutting corners in efforts to get by and not doing what truly needs to be done; perhaps we are in need of gathering more often for common meals, and to take an assessment of the ways and things we are eating and nourishing ourselves; what are we walking all over but also wearing down in our lives and that might need attention, things taken for granted, seen every day, but with little regard; in what ways are we paying attention to the needs of others, especially those who need special help, how are we asking for help when  we need it and how can we better support the sometimes challenging needs in our life?

There is an inner dimension to the work being proposed for our parish. What is being done outwardly is a physical expression of the work we need to do within. There is more to be done than we are looking to do at the present time, but this is the next step. We do not seek to make things perfect, only to be faithful in the work that is before us.  So, too, as a faith community, let us look to the work we need to do within our lives not to find perfection, but rather simply to be faithful in our time with what we have.


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