Season of Creation 2016

Each year, from 1 September, the Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, to 4 October, St Francis of Assisi Day, many Anglicans use the Season of Creation – also known as  Creation Time –  to pray and celebrate with creation, focus on the story of Earth, and commit to a ministry of healing Earth.

I invite us all to make space in daily prayer for out earth; that we may be responsible stewards of this creation  in which we depend for life; this creation that God created in great joy and hope.  See web pages of the sponsoring organizations listed  below  below for prayers and liturgies for the season. 

 2016: This year Anglican Communion Environmental Network is partnering the Global Catholic Climate Forum, the World Council of Churches, the ACT Alliance and GreenFaith to promote the Day of Prayer and gather resources to assist all faithful people to take part in the Season.


the Divine could not

express itself in any single being,

the Divine created the great multiplicity

of beings so that the perfection lacking to one

would be supplied by the others. Thus the whole

universe together participates in and manifests

the divine more than any single being


St Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274)



The Rev Sheila Seekins

Blessing.  The church’s best kept secret!

I sit this morning, Monday, August 1, at 5:30 to write wonderful, inspiring words.  I love preaching.

Instead, no words, instead: tears.

-tears of regret for my need to find something to fix or solve

-tears for your stories of grief, of loss, of yearning and hunger

-tears of gratitude for your beauty and mystery

-tears of joy for your faithfulness and glimpses of God.

So, little need for many words this morning. Instead , tears.

And gesture: the sign of the cross, morning ritual.

                Blessed Be, Holy One, your people of St John Baptist, today and always.

                Blessed Be your Creating, Healing, Calling and Sending Actions in our lives this day.

                Blessed and Lively Be your Peace this day


August 6 is the Feast of the Transfiguration. (see Luke 9:28 to 36).  Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain to pray. They witnessed the brilliance of the Holy One; they “saw” Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus about his departure in the near future in Jerusalem.  Not exactly a comfortable conversation, or a comfortable every day brilliance.  Some experience in even common, every day prayer teaches that sometimes the presence of God is not “comfortable.”  Peter, James and John were more than uncomfortable, they were terrified; and in those days did not tell anyone what they saw. Out of a cloud, a voice said: “This is my Son, my chosen. Listen to him.”  I wonder if they got the message.


May we expect each day glimpses of Transfiguration.

May we use our human power for God’s work of reconciliation, of hope, of tending God’s garden, this creation in which we are all inter-connected.

The Rev. Sheila Seekins.

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